Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HuffPo Exploits Shalit to Attack Israel

Gilad Shalit is free and living in Israel again, but the Huffington Post hasn't finished exploiting him to drum up more hatred against the Jewish state. This time they even further to the bottom of the barrel to find Noa Rom, an Israeli journalist (I guess)? There's almost nothing about her on Twitter but the article says she works for something called Saloona, which is a Hebrew language magazine about what appears to be women's issues, judging by the pink banners. It also is affiliated with the Huffington Post, apparently.

Anyway, because this is the Huffington Post, Rom's article is one long attack on Israel and Israelis for not liking Shalit, apparently? She doesn't link to anything so it looks like I'll be doing the research here:
"Gilad Shalit is alive. That’s fine. But he lives well. That’s where it ends. This is the general feeling coming from all directions, social networks are raging, there are angry reviews in the press; the kid went too far. It’s fine that he came home in one piece, but is he smiling? Enjoying? Has he been given a column in the sports section? And not simply a sports’ section in the local Mitzpe Hila paper, but Yediot Aharonot (the biggest Israeli daily)."
What 'angry reviews?' Here are her efforts at providing an example:
"Israeli writer Mati Golan expanded on this in his recent column that was brimming with anger and hatred toward Shalit. He concluded with the sentence, "I hate to tell you, Gilad, but we’re starting to get sick of you." 
Now this may be a translation problem, but I can't find this column anywhere. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but it's classic Huffington Post to give us a quote, not allow us to find the quote in context, and just expect us to believe them when they say this is somehow representative of all Israeli's opinions. The short version is that Noa doesn't like all the media attention given to Shalit, as opposed to the celebrity culture we are used to in America. So one would think she agrees with Mati Golan, except that he's set up as a villain. But then Noa doesn't come off a whole lot better either:
""How does one maintain optimism?," questioned the interviewer. "I tried to enjoy what there was." He retorted looking down in shame. So what was it? From time to time he watched a movie, followed the sports; he played backgammon and chess, and other games. He formed a ball from his sock and played with it. He tried to maintain a routine, and he waited. Patiently. Are you sure he's Israeli?"
Yeah...Noa, you're kind of coming off as a jerk here. And that's the pattern for the entire article: going after Israelis for thoughts that they might have, but that she can't prove: that Shalit is recovering too well from his ordeal and that he should be more upset.

Anyway, the Huffington Posters latched onto the propaganda and started spewing, while the Huffington Post moderators patted their backs:

Welcome to the Huffington Post.

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