Monday, October 8, 2012

Ironic Comment of the Day

We all know that double standards and hypocrisy are required to be a Palestinian supporter, because the Palestinians are worse than Israel on pretty much every objective level. So I try to keep an eye out for the hypocrisy of Israel haters contained within one comment. I found an absolutely priceless one today. The comment is in a response to this one, which states that the Iranian regime, "that attacks embassies, burns American flags, stones women to death, denies the existence of gay people, and organizes rallies where people shout Death to America."

This enlightened moral "human rights advocate" declares that while Iran may be bad, it's Iran's culture and "not our place to do anything" about it.

And what is his picture? A call for BDS! When Iran burns American flags and stones women to death, this HPer declares that it's not our place to do anything. But when Israel fights against Palestinian terrorism, that is OK for Americans to get involved. Because it's OK to have different standards for Israel vs. Iran.

Classic HPer hypocrisy.

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