Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jewish History Proven, HPers Flip

Richard Elliott Friedman has written a valuable op ed for the Huffington Post in which he addresses the lies of the Arabs, Iran and their supporters who claim that Jews have no presence in the Middle East until Israel was formed in 1948. I highly recommend you all click on the link and check the essay out, it's a nice summary of the various historic artifacts found in the region that prove a Jewish presence.

Naturally, many of the Israel haters stayed away from this thread, as it takes down one of their main anti-Israel arguments. But those that showed up didn't react very well to the news:

Long story short, all these posters basically said, "OK fine Jews have a historic presence in Israel, but it still doesn't give them a right to form a state there," and then began spewing hatred in all its forms. There's no doubt, of course, that Palestinians have the right to form a state in the same area. One standard for Jews, one standard for everyone else.

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