Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Joel Rubin's Balanced Perspective Leads to Anti-Semitism

Huffington Post blogger Joel Rubin recently published a decently balanced article about the recent chess match with Iran. His main point was that Netanyahu's speech aligned with President Obama's views on how to deal with Iran: that there should be clear lines but that negotiation and sanctions will be the main tool, with a willingness to use military force on hand (or at least a perception that way).

Mr. Rubin finishes up with the hopeful remark that a negotiated deal with Iran that would let them keep some enrichment could be "in the cards," because the American people don't want a war. All sounds good right? Ah, but you forget that this is the Huffington Post where rage against Israel is always in vogue, including comments using a "parasite" analogy, a common anti-Semitic trope:

 There were also personal attacks:

And a comment that more or less speaks for itself, as it was in response to a pro-Israel comment:

All Huffington Post approved of course.

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