Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Levy Calls to Save Syrians, Israel Blamed

Bernard Henry-Levy, the Huffington Post's favorite punching bag (and that's saying a lot) wrote an article calling for intervention in Syria to save the people there. You may recall that a parallel can be made to intervention in Libya, which President Obama led us into, and which I didn't notice many of the Huffington Posters complaining about. For the record, Levy isn't saying that it should be the same kind of intervention as in Libya:
"Enough of evading the question! Enough pusillanimity! The democratic future of Syria demands decisive help, whether it is that of neutralizing the aircraft that bombard towns and villages, furnishing the democratic elements among the combatants with the appropriate weapons or offering support and hope to the Alaouites, including those in the spheres of power, who wish to get rid of the criminals at the head of the State. "
He was also not the only author of this article, four other people put their names to it as well. But despite all of these things the Huffington Posters freaked out at him for suggesting such a thing, and blamed Israel. Notice how the transition between "French Jewish guy" and "Israel" happens without the slightest of breaks:

Welcome to the Huffington Post, where there is only ever one conversation.

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