Sunday, October 7, 2012

MJ Rosenberg: Eternally Unsatisfied

There is only one rule that governs how MJ Rosenberg operates: If most "pro-Israel" people want it, he doesn't want it. Hence, when Benjamin Netanyahu came out last week and said that he was in favor of sanctions on Iran in order to give the West an advantage in negotiation, Rosenberg knew that it was time to come out against them. Apparently disagreeing with the President (and we know how much MJ Rosenberg loves President Obama) on behalf of a foreign country can only make one an Israel-firster, not an Iran-firster.

After conceding that the "sanctions are working" to put pressure on Iran, he says that they are only making the people suffer and won't work to change their nuclear ambitions. Why? Because the majority of people are in favor of the nuclear program:
"Support for Iran's nuclear program is as strong among the anti-government forces as within the regime. A democratic and/or secular Iran would still refuse to yield to the west's demands."
So I'm not sure if MJ Rosenberg just doesn't get what's on here, or if he's just trying to confuse his readership. What the world (including Russia and China) don't want is for a radical, Islamist, terrorist supporting theocracy to attain nuclear weapons. However, America and its allies don't think that "regime change" is a realistic goal at this point so instead they are trying to get the regime to change its mind about the nuclear program.

The problem is not Iran's government or the nuclear program alone, the problem is when you put them together. Would America be happy with a democratic Iran with nuclear enrichment? MJ Rosenberg seems to be saying no, but I am not so sure. Instead he goes back to a circular conclusion, that sanctions will never work!!!
"In short, it is impossible to imagine any contingency in which sanctions "work." It is likely that the Iran hawks know that too, which is why just beneath their praise for sanctions is the strong hint that only war would do the trick."
Well, we know that where MJ Rosenberg is concerned, his imagination is somewhat limited. With pressuring from the inside and outside it is not inconceivable that the regime would back down and let inspectors back in, or otherwise come up with some kind of system that keeps them from getting nuclear weapons. But wait! That would mean AIPAC and Netanyahu were right all along, and that's something that MJ Rosenberg simply will not accept, no matter the facts.

I also find it kind of amusing that anyone who praises the sanctions is an "Iran hawk." Does that include President Obama? I doubt even MJR would be so gutsy as to declare his favorite politician ever to be an "AIPAC drone" though I am sure he's thinking it. So what is his solution? Be nicer to the Iranians:
"The Iranians want sanctions lifted. We want assurances that they will not produce a bomb. Thus far, we have gone into negotiations demanding that the Iranians freeze nuclear fuel enrichment while, at the same time, saying sanctions will not be lifted. That is not diplomacy; it's an ultimatum, what the Germans call a diktat....And we are surprised that the Iranians say no."
I can't imagine why we would be so unreasonable  Why can't we all be as wise as MJ Rosenberg and just ignore it while the Iranians celebrate "Death to America" Day? The truth is that he is being less than honest. What Iran wants is for the sanctions to be lifted now, and then start negotiating, with no guarantee that the negotiations will be successful either.

After years of being jerked around by the Iranians, America is clamping down hard. And if Iran really just wants peaceful nuclear energy and really doesn't have any interest in wiping out Israel, as Rosenberg and the other Mullahphiles have been claiming for years, time to put up or shut up. It's amazing that apparently Rosenberg hates AIPAC so much he is willing to be a mouthpiece for the Iranian regime.

Let's conclude with an amazing display of hypocrisy:
"Enough already. We can either negotiate fairly or we can simply acknowledge that Iran, a sovereign state, will do what it chooses to do. Neither sanctions nor war can change that. Only honest diplomacy can."
Ah, and if Israel decides to bomb Iran, would Rosenberg say that it as a sovereign state will do what it chooses to do? Another double standard most transparent.

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