Wednesday, October 10, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Palestinian Weight

Another break in the fiercely protected myth of the poor suffering Palestinians:
"Data were obtained from 1484 (99%) of 1500 students. Prevalence of stunting was 97 (7%) of 1446 and underweight 94 (7%) of 1444 students. 180 (12%) of 1444 students were overweight and 86 (6%) obese. ...Obesity was more prevalent in UNRWA schools than in government schools (56 [7%] vs 30 [4%]; 1·63, 1·06–2·51; p=0·0246)."
That's the same percentage as students in the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. 

H/T Elder of Ziyon

1 comment:

  1. Wait for a fat kid to get stuck in a Gaza tunnel. Which of course is the Jews' fault, etc etc.


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