Monday, October 15, 2012

Shalit Speaks, HuffPo Readers Hate

In their never ending quest for anything related to Israel and Jewish related articles, the Huffington Post covered a story about Gilad Shalit appearing in a documentary about his experiences being held captive by Hamas. Hamas actually comes off pretty well in the interviews, here's an example:

"In the transcript, Schalit said his captors fed him well, played chess and dominoes with him, and "hardly abused me."

He said they let him watch Arabic news on TV, and he started to pick up a little Arabic. Later he was given a radio, which he used to listen to Israeli news. He said he and his captors would sometimes share a laugh watching televised sports matches and movies together."
So naturally the Huffington Posters took this opportunity to start their favorite activity, a hate parade activity against Israel, not even pretending to have the slightest sympathy for Shalit or what he experienced. They assumed because Shalit's experience wasn't never ending suffering he therefore had it easier than Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. Of course the Huffington Posters have no idea what life is like in Israeli jails, but they have never let a lack of facts stop them from hating Israel. Here is a small sample from the top favorited comments:

(This one is probably my favorite. Yes, because the Palestinians didn't "cut him up into little pieces," and instead coldly used his life to bargain for the freedom of mass murderers, they should be praised for their restraint. Racism of low expectations, anyone?)

You know, if a group of pro-Israel posters all posted the exact same thing, the anti-Zionists would be the first to scream "hasbara!" Fortunately we know that on the Huffington Post if it's against Israel literally anything goes.

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