Friday, October 5, 2012

The World (Or At Least the HuffPo) Revolves Around Palestine

As I believe we commented earlier, a story about how the Iranian currency is losing value headline on the Huffington Post's "World" section. The economic damage to the Iranians seem to indicate that the sanctions placed upon it are having the desired effect. Reactions naturally were mixed, as the usual "blame America firsters" sided with the Iranians. But it was this comment that I really wanted to showcase:

Now, we know the undying hatred of Israel among the Huffington Post readership is as predictable as the sunrise. But if this user simply wanted to bash Israel, there are any number of directions he could have taken that were actually related to what the article was about. We've all heard the rhetoric before, the Jews are behind all this, what about Israel's nukes, etc.

But no, instead he decided to make it about the chosen victims: The Palestinians. He actually thinks that most of the planet (including such places as Russia and China) are all going along with this sanctioning of Iran not because Iran is actually doing something wrong, but because they all want to distract from the Palestinians. And let's not forget that the Iranians are helping the whole song and dance take place with their aggressive rhetoric and refusal to back down. So either they are also complicit in this political theater, and also want "the world" to be "distracted," or they are just really really dumb and don't spill the beans that they have never had nuclear weapons and this is (of course) all about the poor suffering Palestinians. Maybe he thinks the Arab Spring was all one big Jewish conspiracy to distract people from "the occupation" as well.

And finally, just to add another delicious layer of amazing irony to this comment: What is happening to Iran right now. They are being boycotted, divested from and sanctioned, are they not? And isn't that totally acceptable tactics, as every single anti-Zionist has been telling us for years now? Or are boycotts and sanctions only acceptable when leveled against Jewish people? Let's not forget that the goal of these sanctions are to get Iran to obey international law, while the goal of anti-Israel boycotts are to destroy Israel. They don't even bother to pretend otherwise.

If there is a better example of the demopathy and tunnel vision on the Huffington Post, I have yet to see it.

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