Monday, October 22, 2012

Three for One Special: Women of the Wall

I blogged yesterday about how the Huffington Post published not one but two articles about the exact same subject, the unfair treatment of women praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. But hey, why stop at two when you can publish a third?

That's right, on Sunday morning around 10 am, the Huffington Post published an article by Anat Hoffman titled "Why I Was Arrested for Praying at the Western Wall". It is about the exact same subject as the articles by Rabbi Wendi and Rabbi Laura: the group of women who wish to pray, their experiences at the Western Wall protesting, an appeal for change. This one was slightly different in that Hoffman described her experience of being arrested, which didn't sound right at all.

But even if you agree with the Women of the Wall, as I do, why is the Huffington Post publishing three articles all expressing the same viewpoint so close to each other? That's the behavior of a partisan propaganda outlet, not an "Internet newspaper." As I said yesterday, when the HP finds something that Israel is doing wrong, they'll hammer that something into the ground.

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