Monday, October 1, 2012

Today's Straight Up Wrong Headline

Evelyn Leopold published a report about Netanyahu and Abbas' speeches last week at the United Nations, and I don't know whether or not she wrote the headline but it is straight up incorrect:

Neither of those statements are correct, nor are they backed up by Ms. Leopold's article. Israel never told the White House what to do about anything. Here is the closest Ms. Leopold said about the subject:
"The United States has never been specific on its "red line" and many experts believe Iran has diverted much of its uranium to a research reactor and is not yet ready to make a bomb. But, despite public denials, many countries believe it wants the option of manufacturing a nuclear weapon.."
She also quoted the opinion of Daniel Levy,  a senior fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, who believes that the speech was intended to place Netanyahu "in the drivers seat" regarding how to deal with Iran. 

Furthermore, even though Ms. Leopold does a good job quoting Abbas' many slanders directed against Israel, nowhere does he say definitively that the "last chance" for a two state solution is coming. Here is what Abbas actually said, though this cannot be found anywhere in Ms. Leopold's article:
"Despite all the complexities of the prevailing reality and all the frustrations that abound, we say before the international community: there is still a chance - maybe the last - to save the two-State solution and to salvage peace."
 Not quite the same thing as saying this is the last chance. And though that may sound like hairsplitting, the headlines need to get it right, we have seen on many occasions that the Huffington Posters rarely stop to read the actual article before they start commenting.

Just another example of the Huffington Posts' bias.

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