Friday, October 12, 2012

Turkish Hypocrisy on the HP

Guess what happened yesterday?

Turkey intercepted a plane going to Syria, ostensibly because they thought it might be "smuggling weapons," and forced it to land. Now just imagine what the reaction might have been if Israel had stopped a Turkish ship from going to Gaza, again because they thought it might be smuggling weapons. In the past we've seen the Huffington Post readership freak out, even when no one was killed in the process of preserving Israel's blockade.

This time, however, the readers are quite happy with what Turkey did:

Although some of the usual Israel haters appeared to ride Turkey, one gets the impression that they are motivated more by their love of the Assad regime than any particular dislike of Turkey's action. But the good news is that the top favorited comments all call out the Huffington Posters for their hypocrisy vis a vis Israel and Turkey stopping weapons shipments. So I guess that's something.

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