Monday, October 22, 2012

We Care! (Part 5)

Here on the Huffington Post, we only criticize Israel's actions when it deserves criticism. Plus, we criticize Israel's action proportionately to what it has done.

That is why an article about Israel non-violently stopping a Gaza-bound ship generated over 2,000 comments while 13 dead people in Syria generated 6.

While it's true the Israel article has been up for a day longer than the Syria article (giving the readership more time to generate comments), the Syria article is already far down in the World section and is unlikely to get any more comments. Certainly not enough to get anywhere near the 2,000 of the Israel article.

But as we know from reading the Huffington Post, it's not the human rights that matter, it's who is violating the human rights. If it's Jews doing the violating, we care.

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