Monday, November 26, 2012

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin Counts the Bodies

Full blown Palestinian propagandist masquerading as a Huffington Post editor Ahmed Shihab-Eldin continues to cement his reputation by engaging in one of the most classic Palsbara tricks: counting the bodies and comparing the count. See, according to people like Shihab-Eldin, it doesn't matter that attempted murder is a crime or that the Palestinians insist on committing crimes against humanity based on shaky moral grounds.  There is only one thing that matters: how many corpses get buried in the cold, cold ground. Excuse me, I should say that the only thing that matters is how many Palestinians and Israelis get buried in the cold, cold ground. 40,000 people have died in Syria and Shihab-Eldin couldn't care less. He doesn't even care who killed Palestinians or why, or whether or not those Palestinians were terrorists. This is the kind of journalism we expect from the Huffington Post.

But before we even get to his biased graphic, he has some lies to share first:
"More than half of the 163 Palestinians killed last week during Israel's Operation Pillar of Cloud in Gaza were civilians, including 37 children."
Really? More than half? Would you care to provide a source for that, Shihab-Eldin? Because the only people who have claimed that are full blown Palestinian propagandists like yourself. B'tselem, a more than acceptable source for the Huffington Post when it tells them what they want to hear (and in fact was used later in Shihab-Eldin's graphic), claimed the casualties went like this:
"Initial B’Tselem investigations indicate that 102 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip between the launch of the Israeli military’s “Pillar of Defense” operation on the afternoon of November 14, 2012 and the night of November 19. Initial investigations indicate that at least 40 of those killed were civilians, among them 19 minors, and 10 women."
40 is not more than half of 102, and even if you think this information is old, as HuffWatcher pointed out, the Tehran Times said that 27 of the Pillar casualties were children. So either Shihab-Eldin is lying, or he has a source for his information that has been kept secret from the world. Either way, this kind of ridiculous accusation has no place on the Huffington Post.

After some hand-wringing, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin publishes his slick piece of propaganda, cribbed from another propaganda site called "Visualizing Palestine." I guess original reporting is just way too much work. As always, click to zoom in:

As always, the bias simply flies off the page. It's time for some bullet points!

1. Israeli military actions are given graphics of tanks and planes and big letters. Palestinian military actions like the Second Intifada are well hidden.
2. No distinction is made between civilian and military deaths. Ahmed Shihab-Eldin doesn't want people seeing stuff like this:

3. No distinction is made between male and female deaths (usually a sign of who are targeting civilians and who are not). Ahmed Shihab-Eldin doesn't want people seeing stuff like this:

4. Ahmed's graph claims that 75% of Palestinians were "killed first" but no effort is made to explain exactly what that means.
5. No distinction is made between Palestinians who were killed by Israel versus those who were killed by any other manner. For example, it claims that 1,500 Palestinians were killed during Cast Lead (an exaggeration) but it was later revealed that discrepancies may have been accounted for by those who die of natural causes. Let's not forget the Palestinian tendency to kill each other during these conflicts and claim the victims as those of Israel.
6. And of course, there is the usual problem with "counting the bodies," namely that attempted terror attacks, even those that don't put a corpse in the ground (like the recent bus bombing in Tel Aviv) therefore "don't count." Attempted murder is not considered a crime in the eyes of people like Shihab-Eldin, and defensive fighting is on the same moral level as terrorism. People who work hard to keep their own people alive are somehow more evil than people who work hard to get their people killed. This article from Tablet has more about that, I'm linking to it because the HuffPo never will.

The good news in all this is that despite his slick piece of propaganda, Shihab-Eldin's transparent attempt at waving the bloody shirt for the Palestinians didn't work. Most of the Huffington Posters, besides the usual "Israel can do no right" crowd, realized that counting the bodies is a terrible way to assign morality, and let him know it:

Nice try, Ahmed. Now here's one more graphic for you to walk away with, just so you know that your people aren't the only ones suffering in this world:

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