Thursday, November 15, 2012

AP/HP Article Bias: Fighting Begins

The Huffington Post has published numerous articles about the recent Israeli counter attacks on Gaza because it knows what gets the comments section screaming. One of the articles it copied from the AP displays incredible bias, so biased we had to highlight it here. The article is simply titled "Israeli Military, Gaza Militants Trade Fire" but the second paragraph shows the blatant dishonesty of the AP reporters (emphasis added by me):
"The fighting, which began Wednesday when Israel assassinated Hamas' military chief, brought life to a standstill on both sides of the border. Gaza's streets were mostly empty as the Israeli air force continued to strike targets. Residents across southern Israel remained huddled indoors or close to home, ordered by authorities to remain close to a network of public bomb shelters."
Really? The fighting began Wednesday? Then what about the rockets Monday, Tuesday, and over the weekend? Do they just not count?

What kind of people do they have writing for the AP and HP?

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