Thursday, November 8, 2012

Barry Lando's Bigotry is Back

No good smuggler Barry Lando is back, after denying the presence of anti-Semitism in Europe and implying that Jews control America. What does he have to say this time? It's actually quite amazing: See, a Saudi writer has said that maybe Arabs made a mistake by fighting a war with Israel for all these years when they could have been working together in peace. This revelation blew Mr. Lando's mind and now he is looking for a possible reason why this could have happened. It couldn't be that the Saudi was right, of course. Oh no. Before that happens, though, he quotes two of the Saudi writers' works (which I won't reproduce here) while punctuating the paragraphs with comments like this (emphasis mine):
"In another column, the Saudi Commodore speculated on what would have happened if, rather than attacking the Zionist state, the Arab countries had recognized Israel back in May 14, 1948."
Eh? Why are you calling Israel "the Zionist state," Mr. Lando? That term doesn't appear in the article that you are referencing. But maybe he is just taking on the Arab point of view and trying to be empathetic. He doesn't really think of Israel as "the Zionist state" does he?
"One of the most curious of alliances in the Middle East have been the clandestine goings-on between the Zionist State of Israel and the Saudi royal family, the guardians of Mecca, among the most conservative of Arab monarchs." 
Wow. Apparently a Huffington Post blogger thinks it's acceptable to use terms like "the Zionist State of Israel." Do you think that he uses qualifies like that for any other country that he writes about? Perhaps the "Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?" Nope, that doesn't appear. Just "Saudi Arabia." How about the "Islamic Republic of Iran" it's actual name? No way, that could lead to someone getting the wrong impression. Could the source of this double standard be bigotry? Ha! Of course not, everybody knows that bigotry against Israel is totally unacceptable on the Huffington Post.

Now that Lando has put all his sabaac cards on the table and has stopped pretending to dislike Israel, he explains why a lone voice in the wilderness would dare to say something that isn't terrible about Israel? Of course, they are self-interested:
"That relationship is based on a venerable political tenet: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Both Israel and the Saudi royals are threatened by the rise of Iran, and the crumbling of the old order in the Arab world, the end of brutal dictators, the explosion of popular political and religious passions."
That's a theory. But here's a question: Israel and Saudi Arabia have mutually aligned interests, sure. But then why walk up to a microphone and broadcast to the world that the Israelis aren't so bad? As Lando himself  goes on to explain in copious detail himself, Israel and the Saudis have been working together for years. The columns themselves are not about Iran either, they are about the relationship between Israel and the Arabs and how the Arabs made a mistake in 1948.

Everyone knows that to speak positively about Israel is not the most welcome activity in the Arab world, and Saudi Arabia is one of the most notable sources of anti-Israel and anti-American incitement. What reason would the Saudi government have for making themselves look like they hate Israel less than all their neighbors? After all the new Islamist regimes coming to power don't like Israel any more than the secular ones.

Ultimately Barry Lando's conclusion is simple: Israel is wrong, and it's always wrong, and the Arabs are right. If a lone Arab voice in the wilderness dares to question dogma, there must be some kind of self-interested government political conspiracy behind it. Why else would anyone else defend "the Zionist state of Israel?" No one on the Huffington Post, that's to be sure.

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