Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bias and Lies Lead to Holocaust Baiting

I think Huff-Watcher commented upon the blatant Palestinian propaganda the Huffington Post recently published, with enough biased photographs to fill an album. Here's a perfect example of just how fall the Huffington Post has fallen, in case you missed it:

If you click to zoom in, you will find that the caption for this picture says "Over half of the victims of the Israeli aggression were children." Not only is this blatantly not true, the phrasing makes it clear that whoever wrote it (Mosa'ab Elshamy) had no intention of maintaining any kind of journalistic integrity. Not even the classically biased Huffington Post would go so far as to call Pillar of Defense "Israeli aggression," at least not until now.

Anyway, this biased reporting led to Holocaust baiting, just in case you weren't sure whether the Huffington Post readership hated Jews or "Zionists:"

Updated: After we sent them an email, they made a correction. The comments remain.

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