Friday, November 2, 2012

Comment of the Day

If you saw the movie "Milk," you might be familiar with Harvey Milk, the first gay mayor of San Franscisco. In the Huffington Post's "Religion" section, Stuart Milk, Harvey's nephew, has written an essay about being a gay Jewish voter. Not surprisingly, he was part of the Obama for America campaign and the article was about the connection between the gay community and the Jewish community as they fight for social change. He also included a criticism of what he calls Mitt Romney's "extremist anti-LGBT position." 

Foreign policy was not part of the article, but guess what showed up in the comments section anyway?

Yeah! Who cares about 10% of the American population who deserve equality! We should be talking about people thousands of miles away who hate us instead!

Myopia, or anti-Semitism? You make the call.

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