Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daoud Kuttab Plagiarizes Himself

Sharp eyed HP reader Json pointed out that HP blogger Daoud Kuttab has copied and pasted paragraphs from his own writings into his most recent essay on President Obama.

In Kuttab's most recent article Obama II Has a Rare Opportunity to Forge Mideast Peace, he writes the following paragraphs:
"Even the head of the Islamic movement Hamas is not planning to run for reelection as the head of the political bureau. Khaled Mishaal, who left Syria and has publicly supported popular rather than military struggle as the way to liberate Palestine, also supports the two-state solution based on the 1967 borders.

America's first African American president who grew up in several parts of the world should be able to produce a foreign policy much closer to his heart and beliefs without having to worry about another election. Second-term U.S. presidents, who naturally care about their legacy, often look overseas to find ways for history to remember them."
Here's a screenshot of the words in context:

Now, let's take a look at Kuttab's essay from a week ago, published 11/7/12, titled Will Unshackled Politicians Deliver Peace in Palestine? Obviously it's on the same topic, most of Kuttab's writings are. But sure enough, it contains the exact same paragraphs about Hamas and Obama "growing up in several different parts of the world." Here's a screenshot of the paragraphs in context in Kuttab's second essay:

 I guess even pro-Palestinian writers are so bored with their talking points that they're reduced to copying and pasting them into essays barely a week apart. What a shame Daoud Kuttab is so intellectually dishonest. 

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