Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gaza Vs. Israel, HuffPo Brings the Bias

The Huffington Post has finally got what they always dreamed of: full on fighting between Israel and Hamas terrorists. So naturally here comes the bias. Here's the one headline on their Front Page:

Just in case you need a reminder, click here to see how the Huffington Post covered mass murders of Israelis by Palestinians. But don't worry, the bias doesn't stop there, here's the main headline in the "World" section:

No on the one hand, it's nice that they are acknowledging Hamas' firing of rockets, but on the other hand they could actually show the damage that those rockets are doing to the Israeli living within range. But they have yet to do so, to my memory, and I doubt that that will change any time soon. Meanwhile, the Huffington Post has so many other articles to publish that have their own biased headlines:

Thanks for the editorializing. They could have just said something like "White House Supports Israel," but no, they had to prime their readership to hate Israel even more. What's next? How about humanizing a terrorist:

Speaking of bloody shirt waving, ready for some more? Here's one from that Jabari thread:

And here are some more headlines:

Remember, with the exception of Juliano Mer-Khamis, no pictures of Israeli victims of Palestinian violence have ever been published on the Huffington Post. Civilian or military.

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