Friday, November 23, 2012

Hani Almadhoun Blatantly Lies

Following in the steps of Omar Baddar, proud Palestinian propagandist Hani Almadhoun has decided to wring his hands for Gaza again, this time using his own family to gain sympathy for his cause. And before you ask, no he doesn't tell us whether the members of his family voted for Hamas or what they were doing while rockets were being fired into Israel, so you may as well stop wondering.

Right off the bat, after introducing his grandmother, he lies begin:
"While Israel was waging its war on the civilians in Gaza, my mother Fatema was busy keeping her 30 grandchildren entertained."
So you expect us to believe that Israel is waging a war on civilians, but just by sheer coincidence half of the people they have killed were members of Hamas? And that 99.99% of the civilians in Gaza are still alive, even though as they claim they have no effective defense against Israel? Of course the irony that Hamas proudly wages war on Israeli civilians is not mentioned.

This is not a point of view. This is not an opinion. This is the Huffington Post publishing blatant lies about Israel as if they were facts. Period. End of discussion. Maybe if the Huffington Post still kept what was left of their journalistic integrity, this would be surprising. But they have been telling these kind of lies for so long, it doesn't even surprise me any more.

He quotes his grandmother, well trained in saying exactly the right thing to illicit sympathy, before deciding to take over himself:
"As I felt a chill up my spine, she went on to tell me about our next door neighbor Essam; the 19-year old was bombed on his motorcycle near our Beit Lahia home. While the Israeli officials are too busy "sending Gaza to the Middle Ages," my own family and so many others are trying to stay alive and sane."
A very convenient little story. Now that we know Mr. Almadhoun is a liar, do we really think that Essam was just minding his own business when Israel reached down and snuffed him out? More to the point: if Essam was a card carrying member of Hamas, would Mr. Almadhoun bother to tell us? As for his family trying to stay alive, obviously I have sympathy for them, but now they know what it is like to be Israeli and have to keep one eye on the sky all the time. Do you think Mr. Almadhoun can be bothered to point out what started off this round of violence? After all Hamas rockets have been fired at Israeli civilians for the past seven years, but Almadhoun can't be bothered to notice that part. He is too busy writing about pop songs and fish.

Mr. Almadhoun proceeds to wave the bloody shirt some more, at no point thinking that the worries he is experiencing about his family's safety is something that Israelis have been dealing with for years, not days. But then we get to more political pontificating:
"In most cases, Israelis do attempt to target specific homes, but nobody can predict the damage of those airplane bombs. Take for example, the home of the Abu Alfool family in Beit Lahia. It was first targeted with a warning shot and an hour later the real bombs were dropped. As a result, at least seven homes saw major damage from those bombs. Not only is this collective punishment, but it's also inhuman."
No, Hani, it's neither collective punishment nor is it inhuman. If you were a scholar of international law, and not a propagandist, you would know that hitting military targets and accidentally damaging civilians target is the opposite of collective punishment. But if you weren't a propagandist the Huffington Post would not give you a platform.

What your Palestinian friends to to Israelis is inhuman collective punishment, not that you care about anyone who doesn't share your same religion or race. You yourself admit that the Israelis gave the Gazans more than enough time to get far, far away from the point of attack. You also admit that no one was killed. Homes being damaged and people being injured is bad, but guess what? That is the kind of damage that the Hamas rockets generally inflict. Those same Hamas rockets that you have never and will never talk about. The Hamas rockets that brought this blowback upon the people who made them happen.

After this, more bloody shirts are waved and more horror stories are told, before Almadhoun brings it all back for one last big lie:
"Meanwhile, pro-Israel activists in the U.S. have been mocking Palestinian deaths -- even the cold-blooded murder of babies in their cribs. These desensitized feelings are troubling even to observers in Israel."
Like hell they are. The article is about the #HamasBumperStickers trend on Twitter, which, as you might be able to tell if you aren't a Palestinian activist, was about Hamas, not the Palestinians in general. Furthermore, it wasn't "pro-Israel activists" who were participating in the Twitter trend, it was all sorts of people. Americans, Europeans, liberals, conservatives, Republicans and Democrats. People from all over the Internet were making fun of the Hamas, and this really bothers Hani because he doesn't want to face the reality that not everybody is drinking the Palestinian victim Kool-aid that he has been peddling for years now. Much easier to write them all off as "pro-Israel activists" and keep your mind tightly closed.

And this claim that they are mocking "cold-blooded murder of babies in their cribs" is disgusting on many different levels. There have been no murder of babies,at least none committed by Israel, for them to mock. It's true that part of the #HamasBumperStickers were making fun of the Palestinian use of child soldiers and human shields, but if we can't even criticize people for doing that, what can we criticize?

Let's not forget either that the only people who support the cold-blooded murder of babies in their cribs are Palestinians. Not that Hani Almadhoun would ever talk about that. That would require the slightest trace of honesty, not something that he possesses.

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