Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How the HuffPo Celebrates Obama's Reelection

You might have heard that President Obama was reelected? How else would the Huffington Post celebrate this momentum occasion except by taking shots at their favorite punching bag:

Yep. Not even 24 hours have passed before they are dragging Israel into the situation and taking shots at them. They also followed this up with two articles about Iran, naturally encouraging the President to back off. One of them was written by shill of the regime Trita Parsi:

Naturally the hate is flowing:

Better get that agenda started, eh?

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  1. I went to the comments thread for the main article and found them pretty interesting in a GROUNDHOG DAY kind of style. The article itself was an AP reprint that didn't seem sure exactly how the Israeli PM meddled in the election (beyond expressing his opinion on the matter, which is legal, and expressing support for a politician he has been friends with for a long time, which is legal too) but was sure...well, maybe sure...well, at least speculating that terrible punishment awaits for daring to not toe the HP line.
    The comments, though, had some real jewels:
    *One commenter said that Israel had gotten a blank check from both Bush presidencies, something that anyone who was alive during the George H.W.'s one term would have fallen off their chair in shock (the name Jim Baker clearly was erased from that poster's memory), and also something that doesn't jibe with George W.'s combination of pro-Israel and even-handed ME efforts in his 1st term (and even for W.'s very pro-Israel 2nd term, that a lot of that began when the late Yassir Arafat got busted smuggling murderous arms and outright liked to the President about it).
    *Most of these folks can't seem to accept news from Israel that doesn't jibe with their beliefs, as they insisted that Bibi was going to lose his re-election bid (one that, it's worth noting, several posters hoped President Obama would find a way to sabotage himself; they didn't notice either that the U.S. already tried and failed at that with Bibi back in 1996, or that they wanted POTUS to really do what they falsely accused Bibi of doing).
    *Several posters chortled about a boost for Mahmoud Abbas where they somehow managed to make Abbas' not-really-that claim about giving up the fake Right of Return as, I'm not kidding, a measure of revenge on the Israeli PM. Not as part of what a real peace agreement would be, or even part of a greater whole involving other hoped-for setbacks for Israel (like Palestinian UN statehood) but revenge. Hamas has been more consistently supportive of a two-state answer than the HP hardcore.
    *Macready is like the HP's equivalent of the kid who can't play basketball but high-fives everyone better than him. Suffice to say he F&F's a lot, but no one ever quite finds anything he writes worthy of that.
    The hatred from the HP is something I'm used to. The only thing that bothers me is the fervent hoping for terrible things to happen to Israel. I don't know if they'll ever notice that they aren't very different in their specific and ultimate goals from the people they claim to be fully opposed to.


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