Monday, November 19, 2012

HP Digs Deep To Incite Hatred

Simply reporting the facts in the latest Gaza violence isn't enough for the Huffington Post editors. They need to go the extra mile to try to make Israel look as bad as possible. Over the weekend, they were able to do just that, finding an article that the mainstream media didn't bother reporting because all it is is an Israeli expressing an opinion. Don't believe me? Check out the headline:

Yes, the son of Ariel Sharon (so not the PM currently in power, or the PM in power before him) expressed an opinion on how the Gaza war should be conducted. Gasp!

Like I said, no mainstream media covered this Israeli exercising his right to free speech. Only fringe leftwing blogs like the HP and the New Statesman did. But a non story goes right up on the HP if there's hate that can be generated from it, and hate aplenty flowed:

Another successful day for the hate mongers of the Huffington Post.

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