Wednesday, November 28, 2012

HP Publishes News of Anti-Semitism, HPers Support

The Huffington Post, incredibly, published the news of a recent statement by Marton Gyongyosi, a Hungarian leader who called for a list of Jews he considers to be a "national security risk." Because this politician is white and far right, I guess the HP editors approved it. Anyway, despite the clearly anti-Semitic nature of Gyongyosi's remarks, that didn't stop some commenters from expressing support for him/trying to change the subject to Israel and the HP from publishing their comments. It didn't take long before blatant anti-Semitism showed up as well, cementing the Huffington Post's reputation as the most anti-Semitic site since Stormfront. Take a look:

And the crowning glory of the thread, earning 30+ favorites (and critical comments censored):

Jew haters? Who, us mere critics of Israel's policies?

Even more Jew hatred after the break:

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