Tuesday, November 20, 2012

HPW: No Sympathy for Israeli Victims

The Huffington Post has published article after article on the violence in Gaza, from specific structures hit in Gaza to which people were killed (Hamas officials versus civilians). But back when the Israeli airstrikes began in earnest, it dared to publish one article about the Israeli victims of violence, an op ed by Anav Silverman. It didn't get a screaming headline, or much attention at all, but Silverman described eloquently what it is like living under fear of rocket bombardment from Gaza. She even mentioned the three civilians killed by a rocket two weeks ago.

How would you expect the "peace loving" "human rights activists" of the HP to react to this story? Perhaps some fig leaf style condemnations of "both sides"? Maybe a defense of Palestinian "right of self defense" but pretending to be upset civilians were "accidentally" hurt?

Nope, in this case the HPers actively supported the rocket attacks and personally attacked Silverman for daring to write about Israelis when there are Palestinians to write about. as well as anti-Semitism and strawmanning. Here's the comments:

Too bad, Daniel Viflic and the other Israeli victims of rocket attacks. You should have been born Palestinian. Then these HPers might have pretended to have sympathy for you.

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