Monday, November 26, 2012

Huff-Watcher on the Latest Shihab Bias

Huff-Watcher has been back on the case and if you haven't been reading his stuff, you should. Check out his latest article:

Background: Over the past thirty days, we, The Algemeiner, and our friends at HuffPostMonitor have been documenting and exposing the fact that HuffPost --- the world's #1 most-read online "newspaper" --- has been enabling the "host-producer" of its video "news" programming, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, to spread inflammatory lies and propaganda against Israel, over and over and over and over again.  This is not surprising, since Shihab-Eldin is also a former "host-producer" for Al Jazeera*, an outfit that is almost as anti-Israel as HuffPost.
[*Reminder: Al Jazeera threw a birthday party (video) for the Islamist terrorist who smashed a 4-year-old Jewish girl's skull to pieces, after murdering her father in front of her, to ensure that that would be the last image she'd ever see.]

On November 23, HuffPost stooped to an entirely new low --- and reveal itself as being actually more anti-Israel than Iran.

HuffPost did this by enabling Shihab-Eldin to use a grisly photo of children's corpses to post an extremely inflammatory lie about (a) the nature of Israel's Operation Pillar of Defense, and (b) the number of Palestinian children killed during this campaign --- citing figures that even Iranian propaganda (and the Palestinians themselves) reveal is a lie.

It began with this innocuous-appearing story, which appeared near the top of HuffPost's "World" page, and later, on its front page:
"Fascinating Images From Gaza's Border"

On that page is one of HuffPost's infamous "slide shows," which often reveal nothing but the heart-wrenching photos of dead and (supposedly) injured Palestinians, but rarely if ever pictures of the Jewish victims of Islamist savagery. 

Amidst HuffPost's predictable Palestinian "bloody-shirt-waving," it published this heart-wrenching photo, of children's corpses in a morgue ---
captioned with a blood libel against Israel:

Note that the caption beside the photo reads:
"Over half of the victims of the Israeli aggression were children."  

Although HuffPost "credits" this photo and/or allegation to someone named "Mosa'ab Elshamy," it was HuffPost itself that decided to allow Shihab-Eldin to post it.  How do we know?  Because he signed this blood libel himself:

Let's examine and debunk each part of HuffPost's latest blood libel against Israel, individually:

(1) "Operation Pillar of Defense" was not Israeli "aggression," as HuffPost knows well, it was a defensive action to stop Hamas and allied groups from firing nearly a thousand rockets, missiles and mortars into its civilian population centers.   

Of course, if one only relies upon HuffPost for one's news, he or she would not know that --- because as we documented here, HuffPost refused to publish a single story on its front page or Wolrd page about the incoming fire coming from Gaza.  Instead, HuffPost began to publish stories about this conflict only when Israel began threatening to take strong defensive action to put a stop to it --- which, of course, HuffPost framed as "aggression."  This is just one more of HuffPost's pathological efforts to incite hate against Israel and Jews on false grounds, and (2) to protect militant Islamists from being held to public account for their threats and violent actions against them.

(2) HuffPost knows (or should know) that children constituted a very small percentage of those killed in Israel's defensive campaign, which was initiated for one purpose: to stop Hamas's and allied groups' deliberate attempts to murder Jewish civilians. 

How do we know that HuffPost's 50% number is wildly inflated?  Would Iran's official propaganda "newspaper" be sufficient? Here's the front page of the Tehran Times from Nov. 21 --- two days before HuffPost enabled Shihab-Eldin to post this lie:

According to Iran --- the murderous regime that supplies weaponry, funding and jihadist motivation to Hamas and Hezbollah --- only 27 out of 126 "victims" in Gaza were children.  For the math-challenged elites at HuffPost, that is 21%.  

Furthermore, as anyone who pays attention to Gaza knows full well, even that 21% is highly misleading, because Hamas and allied groups are notorious for:
  • Posting phony pictures of dead children that were actually killed by its own misfired rockets and missiles, or were killed elsewhere, such as in the Syrian civil war.
  • Claiming that "children" include teenage males who, in one moment, were helping to fire rockets and missiles into Israel, or otherwise engaging in terrorism, yet when the "news" cameras come by, they revert back to "civilian" status --- which HuffPost dutifully promotes, as perhaps painting peace signs on a wall.
To be clear: Every child's death amidst a military conflict is a tragedy, no matter which side causes this to occur.  But in this conflict, one side openly admits to, and celebrates its use of children as human shields, while the other is working valiantly to protect children from harm --- even those of the enemy. 

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