Monday, November 26, 2012

Huffington Post Links to Hezbollah Mouthpiece

The Huffington Post, in its continuing fall from the mainstream, has decided that a Hezbollah-affiliated newspaper is a legitimate source to link to.

The Huffington Post recently published an article about Hezbollah warning that "Tel Aviv is a target" in future conflicts. Every Huffington Post article has an additional links section, titled "Around the Web," at the bottom of the article that contains links to other publications that also covered the story. Other publications such as CNN, the Atlantic, Ha'aretz, etc. Publications that the Huffington Post seems to think are legitimate for its readers to read and learn from.

In this recent Hezbollah article, the Huffington Post included a more...surprising link:

Check out that last one: "Hezbollah Military Might Undermines Zionist Plans for War". It's an article from Al-Manar, which according to Wikipedia is a Lebanese satellite TV station affiliated with Hezbollah and designated by the United States government as a "Specifically Designated Global Terrorist entity".

How far does an opinion need to go before the Huffington Post's editors decide it's too far? Is the Huffington Post planning on the Taliban writing editorials for its front page next?

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