Monday, November 19, 2012

Huffington Post Uses Palestinian Child for Propaganda

This one is going up late because this time the Huffington Post bias is just too severe to wait until tomorrow:

And here's what you find if you read the article:
"Every time six-year-old Mohammed hears the sound of Israeli missiles landing near his home in Gaza City, he turns to his mother and asks: "When are we going to die?"
Traumatised by the bombardment, and terrified for their children, his family has decided to leave Gaza City, which has borne the brunt of relentless Israeli air strikes for six straight days."
Now here are some more quotations from the article, but I've taken out the names and places.
"My children are terrified," says his mother _____, 37. "My son ______ refuses to eat. He follows me everywhere because he's so scared and asks me every 10 minutes when we're going to die. "He says he won't go back to school because he's scared he'll be martyred or that he'll come back from school and find that I or his brothers have been killed," she says.
 "'The fear and anxiety have followed me here though,' she says. 'I don't know what to say to my children and how they will overcome this fear when the war is over.' _____, 30, fled his home in the town of ______ along with his pregnant wife, their daughter and dozens of their neighbours after their district, which is close to the border, came under heavy fire."
 "The situation is terrible here, too. I feel helpless because I can't protect my family," he adds."I feel the fear of my daughter, who has panic attacks and screams at the sound of the shelling. My wife is in the final months of her pregnancy."
 I decided to leave for somewhere safer because I was afraid for my family and the kids were panicking," she says. The days and nights of bombing have left the family bleary-eyed and exhausted, desperate for a chance to sleep. "But we can't sleep here either," Shanti says."The sound of explosions is continuous here as well. All we can do is try to comfort each other."
 It sounds a lot like the what the people living in Sderot have experienced, doesn't it?

Now, don't get me wrong. Children and families suffering in war is a terrible terrible thing. And nobody should have to experience it ever. But what has happened to these families is not unique in the Middle East or the world. Based solely on the information available in the article, none of these families have lost members. They have been scared and moved and had trouble sleeping, but compared to what is happening in Syria there is no comparison.

As I said, this is what life is like for the Gazans after seven days. The people of southern Israel have been living under rocket fire for seven years. Seven freaking years. And the Huffington Post has never in the past three years since we started watching it published an article about six year old Gilad or six year old Rachel clutching their parents in a bomb shelter.

It sure looks like the Huffington Post values the welfare of some people's children more than the welfare of some other people's, but their bias ain't what the anti-Zionist crew thinks it is.

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