Monday, November 19, 2012

HuffPo Spins American Support for Israel

As I commented yesterday, the spinning coming from the Huffington Post about the recent fighting in Gaza has been even more outrageous than usual. However in a couple of articles you can see that they are trying to get the Huffington Posters to hate their own country and President. That is, even more than usual. Let's start with President Obama:

You gotta feel bad for the Huffington Posters. To be an Israel hater and an Obama supporter means some serious cognitive dissonance, especially in times like this. So how else can they explain President Obama standing with Israel against Hamas? If you didn't say "anti-Semitic conspiracy theories" than clearly you haven't been reading this blog for very long:

Next up, the American people support Israel! Naturally, the Huffington Post has to spin this as well:

I guess they couldn't be bothered to say something like "U.S. Population Asserts Israel's Right to Defend Themselves," or maybe even "U.S. Calls for End to Hamas Terror." After all, it's all about Israel and not about the rockets. Anyway the Huffington Posters reacted to this with anti-Semitism, like always:

 (He never said that, by the way. A HuffPost "Highlight")

Welcome to the Huffington Post.

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