Wednesday, November 21, 2012

HuffPo Waves the Bloody Shirt, Fails

Do you remember the other day when I pointed out how this thread was a classic example of the Huffington Post waving the bloody shirt to try and make their readership hate Israel?

Well, for some inexplicable reason just the opposite happened. The top favorited comments by far all blamed Hamas for the deaths of Palestinians  It appears that for once the Huffington Post readership refused to let themselves be tricked by Pallywood and manipulated by the complicit Huffington Post:

A sign of changing times?

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  1. I don't think the times are changing all that much on the HP as far as anti-Israel posters, but I have gone to check out a lot of threads after reading about them here and have noticed a surge in pro-Israel posters challenging their opponents on a wide variety of claims. It does appear that the anti-Israel HP forces self-covering claims that "we're not anti-Semitic, as you always call us even though you have not actually called us that yet, so don't think of calling us anti-Semitic!" or accusations of being hasbara agents or neocons is having no effect on the counter-responses. It does feel like pro-Israel posters aren't scared of trading anonymous posts and also that fewer of the pro-Israel posts are being summarily deleted. Overall, it's not a revolutionary deal, but it's part of a very positive general trending. I like it!


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