Tuesday, November 27, 2012

HuffPost Republishes Breaking the Silence Propaganda

In yet another step further from legitimate news source and closer to propaganda outlet, the Huffington Post has published as fact the claims of the anti-Israel NGO Breaking the Silence. The article by Oded Na'am is titled "It's Mostly Punishment" and is copy pasted text from a book that came out months ago. Why it is published now and for what purpose is something only the Huffington Post's editors know, but I have some guesses.

As for the content of the article itself, it's standard Breaking the Silence tripe, the kind that they have been peddling for years. A bunch of nice stories of mean old IDF soldiers being mean to the poor suffering Palestinians, with of course no dates, times, or any evidence whatsoever to prove that the stories are true. Breaking the Silence has been criticized a lot for having a clear agenda and propagandizing, and apparently now the Huffington Post has joined them in that goal.

Let me make that clear: This is the Huffington Post publishing stories from a highly partisan NGO that may or may not be true, and billing them as fact. Furthermore, since there is not enough evidence to verify a word of what Breaking the Silence is saying is true. Yet I can guarantee you that every single reader of the Huffington Post will assume that every word is the word of God, and should any evidence disproving it come out, the Huffington Post will "forget" to follow up.

I look forward to a response to this essay from NGO Monitor or the IDF Spokesperson. You know. As "balanced reporting."

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