Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Israel Did 9/11" of the Day

As we mentioned, the thought of Israel daring to defend itself against terrorists spawned a lot of hatred, including of the anti-Semitic variety, on the pages of the liberal Huffington Post. This one 9/11 conspiracy theory, however, stands head and shoulders above the rest:

A couple of other Huffington Posters were glad to agree with him:

Remember how for a while 9/11 conspiracy theories weren't allowed?

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  1. And once an HP monitor read the lead swill segment in detail, it was Removed.
    I do wonder if they excised this because the poster was using an open sewer like VeteransToday as a source, or because it was trying to put words in President Obama's mouth, but it's nice to see the trash taken out.
    Having said that, one of the posters who responded said that he thought maybe VMTAnkara's ideas should remain up as an example of just how fact-free and vile some extreme HP participants are. It's not a bad theory; the main reason I don't think just as a for-example Holocaust denial should be banned in the U.S. is that the deniers are so stupid and evil that putting the spotlight under them makes them wilt straight off. So it wouldn't bug me if the HP left up a diseased strawman every now and then--so intelligent posters could set it ablaze.


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