Monday, November 12, 2012

Latest Israel Obsession in Action

As I'm sure you're probably not surprised to hear, the Huffington Post loves Barack Obama. In that vein, they have recently published an article about 'World Leaders' that won't be happy he was reelected. I put that in quotations because Julian Assange is listed as one, and I'm not sure he qualifies as a world leader. Anyway the Huffington Post had such people as Chavez, Ahmadinejad, and Hamas. One guy was missing though, and naturally the Huffington Post tripped over each other to whine about it:

That last one must be more "criticism" of Israel's "policies."

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  1. While there were some collections of HP campus assholes asking why the Israeli PM wasn't on this list, most of the discussion boiled down to one of three areas: agreeing with one of the rogues' gallery who had unfriendly words for the newly elected President (and most of that praise went to Hugo Chavez, whose cited remark was the kind of knee-jerk isolationism that always finds some fans on HP), pointing out that all of the individuals listed are losers, and back-and-forth sniping between pro-Obama and anti-Obama posters.
    PM Netanyahu was properly not on the list, as the post-election hue and cry has come from his critics more than him, and he congratulated Obama on the record as most major world leaders did. But the HP knows that their two -ations directed at Bibi (speculation and defamation) are hugely at work on theri site, so the folks whining probably needed about 10 seconds to find a friendly anti-Bibi article to post on.
    Frankly the reactions from people around the world are largely irrelevant, because any U.S. President and any world leader are going to have to deal with each other on issues that are usually a long time apart from even an Inauguration--and certainly from an election day!


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