Sunday, November 11, 2012

MJ Rosenberg Tweet Roundup

When things are a little slow on the HP, as they have been, I like to take a look at the Twitter feeds of some HP bloggers to see if, outside of the reach of the HP's editors, they are a little more honest about Israel, Jews, etc. One such blogger who is always a gold mine is MJ Rosenberg, who has rapidly shed all pretenses of being pro-Israel or pro-Jewish since he was fired from Media Matters. A lot of his recent tweets were cheering about the recent U.S. election. With that in mind, let's take a look at some selected tweets from Friday:

Let's start right off with Rosenberg attempting to destroy the bi-partisan support for Israel in the United States. Interesting behavior for a "pro-Israel" individual, wouldn't you say? Rosenberg is attempting to force the Democratic party, who is still considered to be pro-Israel by this writer anyway, into something it's not in the name of "American democracy." Silly me, I thought American democracy means supporting what the American people want, and the majority of the American people support Israel. So I think the only people who consider loss of bi-partisan support for Israel to be "great" are MJ Rosenberg and the rest of the Israel haters.

In classic Rosenbergian fashion, he is also contradicting his own words. Remember when he said this?
"Unfortunately, however, the two parties do not have differing views on Israel. Both candidates and both parties support the Netanyahu government's positions on Iran, the Palestinians, Hamas and pretty much everything else."
If that is true, then what's the problem? And if it isn't true, then why make it up? How about when Rosenberg said this?
"Romney can be no more "pro-Israel" than Obama because Obama simply does everything Israel asks for."
If he's trying to make himself or others believe that Democrats aren't pro-Israel, it doesn't seem to be working that well. That's what happens when you believe two contradictory points of view. But let's move on.

Here's a nice stereotype of Jews. "Jews are Democrats." That sounds a lot like racial (?) profiling to me, anyone else?

Here comes some MJ Rosenberg hypocrisy:

Joe McCarthy has been reborn in MJ Rosenberg's body. If you don't agree with him on Israel issues, you must be "disloyal" and therefore forced to emigrate. By the way, Krauthammer was born in New York City. Because Henry Ford here apparently is not as much a fan of immigration (or, you know, facts) as he claims to be.

As for why this is hypocritical, I draw your attention to a recent post on MJ Rosenberg's personal blog. In it, he points out that only 5% of Jews have Israel as their number one issue. But it also contains this priceless quote:
"What I most worry about is that Americans will begin seeing American Jews as loyal to Israel not America."
Gee, who could possibly be contributing to that idea?

MJ Rosenberg cannot scream that anyone who supports Israel is "disloyal" and then wring his hands about Americans seeing Jews as disloyal. The vast majority of American Jews support Israel. Rosenberg can either accept that and disagree with right wingers on facts alone rather than petty loyalty insults, or he can continue to hypocritically spread the exact kinds of bigotry that he "worries about".

I'm starting to see from these tweets that MJ Rosenberg is just another Israel hater screaming insults and ranting in his corner. I'm thinking we may not want to spend much more time on him. Hopefully soon the Huffington Post will feel the same way.

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