Friday, November 23, 2012

More Attacks on a HuffPost Blogger

The guidelines of the Huffington Post declare that no racism, bigotry, or personal attacks are acceptable there. However, when a token pro-Israel person arrives there, the rules become ignored. We have a perfect example of that from Huffington Post UK when a brand new blogger named Steven Winston, a Scot who moved to Israel, wrote an article about what life is like under rocket fire in Tel Aviv. His article was only grateful that the IDF was there to protect him, and did not make any political statements or calls for attacks on Gaza.

Naturally the Huffington Post couldn't handle such a perspective so attacks on him were immediately launched and approved by the not at all unbiased Huffington Post moderators:

Part of Steve's bio is that he is "A 29yo Scot living in Tel Aviv in search of the sun and a Jewish wife."

Try calling MJ Rosenberg a "racist" who has "no regard for human life" and see how long your comment stays up.

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