Tuesday, November 13, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Ki-Moon Condemns Rocket Fire

In the Huffington Post's ongoing attempts to pretend no rockets are flying from Gaza, it failed to cover this rare condemnation of Palestinian violence from the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.
"UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday expressed concern over  the flare-up along Israel’s southern border, where over 160 rockets and mortars have been launched at Israel from Gaza since Saturday.
Ban condemned Gazan terrorists for targeting Israeli civilians and called on Jerusalem to practice restraint in responding to the attacks.
“The secretary-general reiterates his call for an immediate cessation of indiscriminate rocket attacks by Palestinian militants targeting Israel and strongly condemns these actions,” Ban’s spokesman said in a statement. “Both sides should do everything to avoid further escalation and must respect their obligations under international humanitarian law to ensure the protection of civilians at all times.”
There's been a lot of defense of the rocket attacks in the comments sections of the HP recently. Can't interfere with that narrativ.

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