Monday, November 5, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Palestinian Girl Curses, Spits on Soldiers

Check out this article that really illuminates how fearful the Palestinians living under occupation are and how much they are suffering under the cruelty of the Israeli soldiers:

"Sending children to provoke soldiers: A video shot at a protest rally held in the village of Nabi Salih, in the central West Bank on Friday, captured an uncanny moment, showing how Palestinian protesters use children to needle IDF soldiers in hope of provoking a violent response.

Familiar with the tactic, the soldiers did not fall for the trap.

The Palestinians residing in Nabi Salih claim that settlers have illegally taken over nearby lands.

A video of the protest, which has been uploaded to Youtube and have garnered thousands of views, shows a group of children, led by a Palestinian girl of about 10, yelling and cursing the soldiers for a few long minutes in a clear attempt to provoke a response.

The crew, consisting of two IDF officers and a Border Guard officer, let her rant away – but do nothing.

At some point, the video clearly shows a young Palestinian girl pushing a little boy at one of the soldiers – who remains still. Another part of the video shows the children pushing the soldiers.

Lieutenant-Colonel Shay Ben-Yishay, commander of the Kfir Brigade's Duchifat Battalion was present at the time.

Several Palestinian and foreign photographers were present as well, shooting the incident.

At some point, a smoke grenade was fired at the protesters, but did not harm those shown in the video. On the contrary – the provocation attempts against the soldiers continued.

The troops did detain one foreign photographer after he refused to identify himself.

"Where did you take him? You're a traitor! I know you speak Arabic. Our soldiers are stronger than you! I'll smash your head," the 10-year-old girl is heard in the video screaming at the soldier in Arabic.

After spitting at him, she continued shouting: "I spit in your face. Go watch your mother instead of fighting little children. You're a traitor. You kill people to get money from dogs." "

You guys all remember how during the Holocaust Jewish children spat on German soldiers and the soldiers did nothing, right?

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