Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Omar Baddar And His Lies (Part 2)

If you haven't read the first part of my fisking of Omar Baddar's claims that the media "lies" to defend Israel, you might want to check that out before we continue with it.

His next lie? It's that Hamas, a genocidal Islamist terrorist organization, is the problem. The enlightened Mr. Baddar feels differently. Let's hear what he has to say.
"Between their religious right-wing domestic agenda, and their refusal to renounce violence against civilians, I'm most certainly no fan of Hamas."

Bravo, Mr. Baddar. Bra-freaking-vo. Because Hamas allows exactly no freedom in the areas that they rule, and they continue to proudly admit their crimes against humanity, they have earned the strong condemnation that is "not having Omar Baddar as a fan."

Of course, it would be nice if you could actually prove this by maybe writing an article or two about how Hamas is bad, as opposed to the zero you have written so far. Or maybe writing another with just as much vitriol against Hamas starting a war as you have against Israel for finishing it. Or heck! You can not talk about Hamas as much as you want, but I don't think it's too much to ask that you at least tell the truth. Unfortunately, he can't even handle that:
"First, Hamas hasn't only showed preparedness to have a truce with Israel if Israel ended its attacks on Gaza, but has also suggested (though with mixed signals) that it is open to a two-state solution."
I can see how Baddar arrived at his conclusions...since he apparently gets his information from Electronic Intifada. I guess he didn't notice that Hamas is continuing to threaten Israeli civilians and calling for Israel's destruction, as I commented upon earlier today. In his NYTimes article, you may notice that Hamas did not endorse the two-state solution. What they said was that if someone offered them a Palestinian state they would take it, but they also made it clear that they would not renounce violence and continue fighting until Israel is destroyed. Obviously Baddar can't say this, though, because there's no way to blame Israel for Hamas' genocidal ambitions. Some people have tried, but I guess he isn't one of them.
"Second, and more importantly, Hamas didn't come to power until 2006/07. Between 1993 and 2006 (13 years), Israel had the more moderate, peaceful, and pliant Palestinian authority (which recognizes Israel and renounces violence) to deal with as a partner for peace."
Really? Is suicide bombing more than a thousand Israelis to death what we call being "moderate, peaceful, and pliant?" Or is Baddar just holding his fellow Arabs to a lower standard yet again? It's amusing that 1993 is also the year of the first suicide bombing against Israeli civilians, committing by (wait for it) Hamas! What a surprise. Even though Hamas wasn't in political power until 2006, they still had large influence and support and if Mr. Baddar was honest he would acknowledge this.

He yells at Israel for not making peace and "continuing to violate Palestinian rights" when the PA was in power, but to anyone who was paying attention it's obvious that Arafat never had any intention of actually making peace with Israel. Instead he sought to wring concessions from them and then attack Israel until they gave him the rest. But I guess they don't tell you that on Electronic Intifada.

Now let's take a page from his book: why start the timeline at 1993? Why don't we start in 1929, when Palestinians were murdering non-Zionist Jews on the streets of Hebron? No occupation, no blockade, no "land theft," no checkpoints, no separation barrier. There weren't even Israelis and Palestinians.

But guess what? He's right. Hamas is not the problem. Not entirely. The problem is that the Palestinian people still have not accepted the rights of Jews to be a free people in their own state, and so they have built a society where whoever is better at fighting Israel gets political power and money. Back in 2000 it was the PLO, and now it's Hamas. But neither of those groups could function without support from the people that they are claiming to represent. That being said, here and now the problem is Hamas, not Israel. So has he proven that Hamas and their supporters are not the problem? No he has not.

Time for the final lie: that there is a military solution to this conflict. I might be inclined to agree with him on that one, except that he piles on the anti-Israel lies.
"Are we any closer to ending this conflict today after decades of violence? The answer is a resounding no. After the 2006 war in Lebanon, Hezbollah emerged stronger. After the 2009 war on Gaza, Hamas remained in power and maintained possession of thousands of rockets."
Actually, we are closer. Egypt and Jordan are at peace with Israel and Lebanon has stabilized. So has Syria, at least for now. Baddar claims that Hezbollah is "stronger" after 2006 and yet they have been very careful indeed not to provoke Israel. As for 2009, that seems to be an argument that Israel should have gone in harder and kicked Hamas out, which I doubt is a viewpoint that Mr. Baddar would agree with. But now let's turn the lens on the Palestinians (something that Baddar will never do): Has killing Israelis ever made their live better? In even a small way? If the answer is no, then I think the solution is pretty simple. Stop doing it. If he thinks yes, I'd love to see his argument.

Unfortunately at this point Mr. Baddar goes into full on Palestinian ("we're right and you're wrong") propagandist mode. At least he waited until the end.
"Israel's military superiority, while indeed impressive ...is not stronger than the Palestinian will to live in dignity. The way to end the firing of rockets in the short term is to agree to a truce and end the blockade of Gaza. The way to resolve the entire conflict in the long term is to end Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and allow the Palestinians to exercise their right to self-determination."
So according to Omar Baddar, Palestinians are murdering Israeli children because they want to "live in dignity." Apparently living in peace with Jewish people and living in dignity are mutually exclusive, because he doesn't seem interested in asking the Palestinians to actually work for peace. In fact he doesn't expect them to do anything except make demands and wait for Israel to comply with them. Naturally this involves lying: There are no Palestinian lands to occupy, and Israel's occupation of the West Bank is not illegal under any international law ever. But this isn't Omar Baddar's last big lie: The Palestinians already have the right of self-determination in the form of the Palestinian Authority. They don't have a state, but as the Tibetans and the Kurds have discovered, there is no "right" to a state. No matter how many children the Palestinians murder, violence will not get them want they want.

So here's another idea: The peaceful, moderate, pliant Palestinians that people like Baddar claim exist but that no one has ever seen (like Bigfoot), get together and kick out Hamas and the PLO. Then they declare in Arabic and English, maybe with a sign in twelve foot high letters, "We accept the right of Israel and the Jewish people to exist in peace and security!" Then they renounce their non-existent right of return and sign a peace treaty with Israel, agree to a deal with both people getting the land that they need, and throw their weapons into the sea. How does that sound?

Ah, of course, Mr. Baddar won't be agreeing to it. It would mean asking the Palestinians to get up off their bottoms and take control of their own future. That's too much trouble. Easier just to whine on the Huffington Post.

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