Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pro-Israel Articles the HuffPo Buries

The Huffington Post may have published these articles, but they did their darndest to ensure people wouldn't see them (most of the time). So I'm showcasing them here. First we have David Harris and moral clarity:

"Moral clarity distinguishes between the aggressor and the victim, the arsonist and the fireman, and includes the courage to say so. Fortunately, this latest round of Hamas-triggered violence has evoked voices of moral clarity. U.S. President Barack Obama has been among them."
And Howard Barbanel on Gaza's "culture of death." I know! Strong stuff for the Huffington Post:
 "For Hamas it is "my way or the cemetery," like their Iranian sponsors, they envision an apocalyptic world where anyone not hewing to their faith will either be forcibly converted or forcibly eliminated. There is no notion of live and let live, rather it is a ghoulish ideology of live and let die. (Apologies to Roger Moore and Paul McCartney). As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday, "their targets are our children and they use their own children as human shields." It is a culture that glorifies indiscriminate death at the expense of a better life for their own people."
Abraham Foxman: Gaza is a threat beyond Israel.
"The current fighting between Israel and Hamas should be a wake-up call. We should be standing with Israel not only because it has the fundamental right of all nations to self-defense, as the president said so eloquently in Thailand. We should also be standing with Israel because if we don't, the scourge of missiles targeting civilian populations will become a world-wide epidemic."
And Jonathan Miller on why liberals should stay with Israel:
 "The current Hamas campaign is ultimately a cynical, patronizing attempt to win the hearts and minds of American liberals: If they can provoke Israel to unintentionally kill enough innocent Palestinian civilians -- and effectively use the media to paint themselves as the heroic blood-stained victim -- then perhaps enough liberals will join in their efforts to wipe the Jewish State off the map. My fellow liberals, I urge you not to fall for this. Israel is not perfect. Like in the U.S., these kinds terrorist attacks on the homeland sometimes will provoke official overreaction or create unintentional casualties. (Of course, every day is 9/11 in Israel.)"
Be sure to read them all.

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