Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Racism and Calls for Genocide on the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post covered the news of a recent report out of Israel that claims Netanyahu and Barak told the military to be prepared for a strike against Iran two years ago but changed their mind due to opposition from other security officials. The HuffPosters immediately took sides and proved once again their lack of interest in "peace." Let's not forget the biased headline either:

Which was not mitigated by the inside headline either:

In order to find out that this happened to be two years ago and therefore completely insignificant, one would have to read the actual article. And as we know very well, the Huffington Posters don't have time for such petty things before spewing their hatred.

Here's an example: two reactions to a post that states "Time for Israel to do the world a favor and rid Iran of nukes and mabe just rid us of Iran would be ok w/me."

"Getting rid of Iran"? Genocide! Radical! Crazed bloodthirstiness!

Compare those reactions to this comment and the reply it got:

Getting rid of Israel? Perfectly fine! 5 favorites! Anyone who disagrees is an "apologist".

Here are a couple more by a Huffington Post "community moderator," calling for not only an annhiliation of Israel but a threat toward Netanyahu, both against the rules:

Consistent standards? Those are for non-Jews, sorry. We've only got double standards around here.


  1. Keeping in mind that ALL HP posts are moderated by a person who works the boards for HP. If it's there at all it's been approved by HP per their policy.

  2. "KIVPossum", can (and does), speak his mind, with no worries. He has a large number of fans, AND is a "community moderator", both of which give him that extra special brand of protection, regardless what he says.
    He is just another mouth piece for the Huffington Post.

    "KIVPossum" just simply does not like Jews. Period. End of conversation.


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