Monday, November 5, 2012

Some News the HP Doesn't Cover

First, Iran riot! (H/T Daily Alert)
Thousands of Iranians chanting "Death to America" burned U.S. flags on Friday to mark the 33rd anniversary of the seizure of the U.S. embassy in Tehran. "The U.S. is the most hated among all nations," said the commander of Iran's Basij militia, Brig.-Gen. Mohammad Reza Naghdi. The demonstrators also chanted anti-British and anti-Israeli slogans, and burned Israeli flags. (AFP)
Secondly, an op-ed criticizing the Palestinian UN bid (redux), and Israel as well:
"It is not a move that will do anyone any good. It will not change facts on the ground, and it will come at a cost. After last year’s initiative, Israel withheld millions of dollars in tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority; the United States halted funding for Unesco, and Congress is withholding $495 million in assistance for the Palestinians, the State Department says. Both countries are likely to react the same way again, although there is a danger in bankrupting the Palestinian Authority, which has begun to build the institutions of a state, including a police force, that also contribute to Israel’s security.Israel and the United States say unilateral moves like these by the Palestinians violate the 1993 Oslo accords, which were intended to pave the way to a “final status agreement” within five years. And it is clear that a negotiated deal is the only way to ensure the creation of a viable Palestinian state and guarantee Israel’s security."

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