Monday, November 5, 2012

The Latest and Greatest HuffPo Hatemongering

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the concept of dual citizenship, which is granted between America and many other countries. It is estimated that more than six million American citizens currently live outside of their homeland, and they have a right to vote in American elections through absentee ballots. Now for some reason the Huffington Post decided to focus on the voting results of one particular group of Americans living in a foreign country. Anyone care to guess which one?

Why on earth would the Huffington Post care about who Americans in Israel voted for instead of Americans in France and Britain, especially given they just had a poll about who the Europeans want? Could it be that they knew that most of their readership would take the opportunity to invoke the classic anti-Semitic trope of dual loyalty?

 Not to mention the more direct forms of anti-Semitism:

It's a great circular causal relationship the Huffington Post editors and readers have. The editors give them ammunition to spew hatred, so they keep clicking, which gives the editors a reason to give them ammunition. Welcome to the Huffington Post.


  1. The Tablet, that rag of the Neo Anarcho Communist Left ran a column suggesting that unless they voted for Obama, American citizens in Israel should not vote or be allowed to vote at all.

  2. Trudy,
    First off, I went to read the article you posted and while the Tablet pulled a Haaretz with the headline (using the weasel-word "some" when talking about Israelis shouldn't vote and strongly IMPLYING that Israelis should not be able to vote there), the grand total of two individuals who said they weren't voting in the U.S. elections both gave intelligent, reasoned explanations for choosing not to cast ballots. I didn't agree with them per se but neither explanation came from the entire wellspring that the HP used for its article, which presupposed that American Jews in Israel are disloyal for not supporting President Obama. In short, neither the body of the article nor (most) of the comments that followed had much connection to the leading intro of it.
    Also, it was a glorious time in the comments for the HP article, as a poster repeatedly asked the uglier representatives why they had an issue with American citizens in Israel voting in U.S. elections, considering it was their right as citizens and that millions of Americans outside the U.S. would be voting as well. The HP's true believers didn't even try to answer this question and just blovated on Mitt Romney's evils and how awful Bibi and Sheldon Adelson were. They sounded like stupid assholes because they weren't able to cook up a cover story for being pissed off that Americans in Israel can't be disenfranchised on their cue.


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