Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today's Classic Huffington Post Bias

Another weekend, another classically biased Huffington Post headline and article. Check out this whopper:

 Yep, that's right. Poor innocent Syria was just sitting there minding its own business when the eeevil Israelis decided to start shooting. Oh wait, but if you read the article you will find that Syria has been provoking Israel for weeks now:
"But in recent weeks, incidents of errant fire from Syria to the north have multiplied, leading Israel to warn that it holds Syria responsible for fire on Israeli-held territory."
No Syrian or Israeli were killed in this exchange of fire, but notice how more than a thousand comments have already been racked up. And naturally the top favorited one was your generic Israel hatred, courtesy of the Huffington Post editors, and carried on from there:

But the good news is that an equal number of people were open minded enough to not just preach hatred the entire time, and remembered that other country's in the same position would react the same way:

But even so, I think the comment count tells us what we truly need to know about this article.

Update: Since this morning the comments have ballooned to 2,500.

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