Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today's Dishonest HP Headline: Hackers Vs. Hacks

I should have known it's only a matter of time before the Huffington Post was reduced to simply lying in their headlines for articles. Not spinning, not quoting things out of context, straight up lying. But apparently there wasn't enough anti-Israel headlines coming out of Gaza, so the HP decided to just make some things up.

Here's an article headline you might have seen if you were on the HP's "World" or "Israel" sections in the past couple days:

Wow, "tens of millions" of hackers, all attacking Israel? That seems...unlikely. Let's click on the actual article and see what that headline says:

Oh, "hackers" target Israel and the "tens of millions" number comes from the amount of cyberattacks, not from the amount of hackers.

Who cares that the outside headline is completely different from the inside headline? What difference does the number of hackers make? It's not like the Huffington Post is a news site whose alleged goal is to tell the truth! Let's just publish whatever headline gets us the most clicks, regardless of how far from the truth it is.

Does the Huffington Post have any legitimacy left? At all?

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