Monday, November 19, 2012

Today's HP Bloody Shirt Waving

The Huffington Post couldn't wait to spin this story about a new "massacre" in Gaza. They ran so fast, they left some of the truth behind. Here's your classic biased headline and picture:

Naturally the Huffington Post leaves you to just assume that Israel did so on purpose. By the way other headlines for this article say it's about the funeral of the people who have died but clearly the Huffington Post couldn't be bothered to write about the boring stuff. And having quoted Reuters word for word, clearly the Huffington Post couldn't be bothered with this little piece of information:
"A Gaza source said that the target was apparently Jamal Mohammed Yassin Dalu, 50, an engineer. Dalu is likely linked to the rocket unit."
A classic human shield situation that the Huffington Post was more than willing to help succeed. It is because of news outlets like the Huffington Post that Hamas' does this kind of thing, and innocent people die.

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post continues to pretend that Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism don't exist.

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