Thursday, November 1, 2012

Today's Personal Attacks on a HP Blogger

Rebecca Tinsley's article with the biased headline "Why Israel Has Bombed Sudan," continues to show us interesting insights into the "pro-Palestinian" Israel haters that populate the Huffington Post. See, Ms. Tinsley said in her article that Israel has the right to defend itself, which everyone knows is heretical on left-wing websites. She also dared to criticize Sudan and (even worse) Iran! So you know what that means: it's time for the insults! Before we start though, here is Ms. Tinsley's bio:
"Rebecca Tinsley is a journalist and human rights activist who has worked in nine African countries. She founded Waging Peace, a London-based group campaigning on Darfur, and Network for Africa, a charity working with survivors of genocide after the big aid agencies move elsewhere. Together with her husband Henry, she was asked by President and Mrs Carter to start the Carter Centre UK. She was on the London Committee of Human Rights Watch for seven years, and has attended human rights trials in Turkey on their behalf.
Rebecca completed a law degree at the London School of Economics. She is a former BBC reporter, and she stood for election to the UK parliament twice during the 1980s. Her articles have appeared in The Times, The Independent, The Telegraph, the Guardian, The New Statesman, The Santa Barbara News-Press and the Anniston Star. She is on the advisory board of Bennington College, Vermont, and is a trustee of the Bosnian Support Fund. Her third novel, When The Stars Fall To Earth(LandMarc) is based on her interviews with the courageous survivors of the genocide in Darfur. All author royalties donated to Darfur Refugee Rescue Efforts. 
You can find more about Rebecca's work on her website or connect with her on Facebook and Twitter."
Where others talk the talk, Ms. Tinsley walks the walk. But even all her good work didn't save her from not being left-wing enough to defend brutal apartheid regimes like Sudan and Iran, and so the Huffington Posters laid into her with everything they had:

Classy right? Now just imagine who long any of those comments would last if they were directed at, say, MJ Rosenberg or Robert Naiman.


  1. I deliberately wrote a provocative headline because I wanted to get people who normally don't care at all about the suffering of Sudan's citizens to read my article. Its sad that people flock to read about Israel while ignoring the horrors perpetrated on civilians in Sudan for decades. Don't they count as much as oppressed Palestinians?

    1. No, they don't count as much because they aren't fighting Israel. Thanks for stopping by Rebecca and we're sorry you had to be subjected to the hypocritical anger of the Huffington Post readership.


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