Friday, November 9, 2012

Trouble in Anti-Zionist Paradise

Now what could have bothered former Huffington Post blogger and professional Israel hater Max Blumenthal so much to make him tweet this?

Ooo! To be called a "hasbara" is truly the lowest of insults! What did Gilad Atzmon do to earn such ire? Apparently he attacked Ali Abunimah for, basically, being a hypocrite. Let me know if you have trouble following this: Abunimah criticized Abbas for renouncing the so-called right of return, but Atzmon attacked Abunimah because Abunimah endorses BDS which also doesn't promote the right of return as much as Atzmon thinks it should. So because Atzmon has a more extreme position than Abunimah or Abbas, Blumenthal calls him a "hasbarist."

Speaking of which, Atzmon uses the exact same language:
"It is also possible that Abunimah is now serving Israeli, Zionist or Jewish interests....[but] I actually agree with Abunimah. I myself have dedicated the last two decades of my life to fight for the Palestinian ROR only to discover that some Palestinian leaders may not be interested in it at all."
Confusing, isn't it? I can't even understand what they're talking about or why they are arguing. After all they are all more Palestinian than the Palestinians and they all want Israel wiped out, just in different ways and forms. So that's why they call each other "hasbara?"

I can't imagine what internal divisions must be liked among real Palestinians living in the West Bank if their so-called supporters are all screaming at each other about which of them can hate Israel more. Either way, the best way to sum up this situation is with a song:


  1. This disagreement is kind of like watching herpes, gonorrhea, and HIV face off against each other.

  2. I, for one, would enjoy seeing a flow chart encompassing who detests who between Blumethal, Abunimah, Atzmon, Berlin, and anyone else involved in this numnut stew. It really is mighty confusing.

  3. There isn't even a diagnostic coding for that kind of insanity.

  4. Why the surprise?!... Neither Gilad Atzmon nor Max Blumenthal are pro-Palestinians (they are rabidly anti-Israel)... The Palestinian issue is just a convenient vehicle for their hatred of Israel...

    For years I have been saying that with friends like these the Palestinians don't need enemies... Both Gilad Atzmon and Max Blumenthal will fight Israel until the last Palestinian!...


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