Friday, December 21, 2012

Another Ira Chernus Lie

A sharp eyed reader on the Huffington Post pointed out another lie in Ira Chernus's article about US-Israel relations, and I felt it was bad enough that I needed to post it here. Here's the paragraph, emphasis added by me:
Our goal, he [Obama] might say, has always been to make Israel secure, something long ago achieved. We’ve ensured that Israel maintains such a huge military advantage over its neighbors, including its Iron Dome missile defense system, that it is now effectively safe from any attack. And we’ll continue ensuring that Israel maintains its military superiority, as we are required to do by law. "
Wow, the United States is "required by law" to maintain Israel's military superiority? That's great news for Israel! But I've never heard of such a law, so let's check Chernus's source.

Surprising no one, his source does not support his statement in any way, shape, or form. It's a link to a Pew Research Center poll about the American public's views on Israel and Syria.  All the article reports is poll results, as in, " Two-thirds [of poll respondents] (67%) say they sympathize more with Israel; only 5% say they sympathize more with the Palestinians." The word "law" does not appear anywhere in the Pew article. There is not one word, not one word, about the US being "required by law" to maintain Israel's military superiority. And unlike "Professor" Chernus, I invite to you to read Chernus's blog post to confirm I'm linking to the right page and to read the Pew Research Center link to see that there is no evidence to support Chernus's position.

Professor Ira Chernus is a liar. And if you are a Colorado taxpayer, you are paying his salary and facilitating the spread of his lies.

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  1. Prof Chernus is not above fabricating quotes he inserts into the mouths of respected citizens. He once stuck these doctored words into the mouth of Martin Luther King: "If our nation can spend ... 20 billion dollars a year to put a man on the moon, it can spend billions of dollars to put God's children on their own two feet right here on earth." (1) Apollo never cost anyhwere near 20 Billion a year. (2) MLK never said those exact words. (3) The quote did not exist before Chernus fabricated on his Common Dreams web site it by inserting the words "a year" so that the number would match the conjectured cost of a National Guaranteed Income program.


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