Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Charles Cogan Echoes Boring Pal Propaganda

On Monday, Dr. Charles G. Cogan posted a very short, very boring blog post for the HP in which he made a series of factless statements in an attempt to discredit Israel. In short, a perfect essay for the Huffington Post.

First, he posts the facts of the vote. Then he starts in with the justifications of why countries didn't vote in favor of the apartheid terror entity of Palestine. The US is Israel's "protector state" and Germany "abstained, which was probably the most it could do because of its Holocaust past." Stupid Jews, still exerting their influence over Germany! Who needs evidence, we're just going to assume that's how it is!

But most notably is when he appears to stop thinking for himself and instead repeat boring Palestinian propaganda:
"Israel demonstrated once more, implicitly, that it does not favor a two-state solution. It also demonstrated once more that it has no strategic vision as to how to end its 45-year-old occupation of the Palestinian territories. And while it calls on the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table "without preconditions," while it continues to build settlements in these territories, this festering problem is reduced to the level of farce."
We've heard these arguments a thousand times from all manner of Palestinian apologists, but let's take one more run at them:

1. Netanyahu, like Olmert before him, laid out his detailed plan for a two state solution in his UN speech over a year ago. Opposing the Palestinian state bid is nothing more or less than holding the Palestinians to the agreement they signed, in which they promised borders and statehood would come out of direct negotiations.
2. If Israel is expected to negotiate while rockets fly from Gaza, the Palestinians can negotiate while settlements are being built on land the Palestinians do not own. And even if they couldn't, the Palestinians have proven they refuse to negotiate while settlements aren't being built, so why should Israel stop?
3. Actions by one government in Israel hardly proves that Israel as a whole does not want a two state solution. Every poll ever taken of the electorate there shows that they want a two-state solution, and know that there are no alternatives. Too bad you can't say the same of their Arab enemies.
4. Settlements were not a problem in 1948 but wars between the Arabs and Israel still happened. Anyone with common sense can conclude that the settlements are not the problem.

But Dr. Cogan, like all the other Palestinian apologists, just keep repeating the talking points over and over again, and the Huffington Post keeps giving him a platform. What a joke. The only good news is that hardly anyone noticed his article.

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