Thursday, December 13, 2012

HP Bias: The Death of Suleima

Today's incredibly biased AP/HP article shouldn't be news to those of you following I/P news on Twitter, but to the rest of you it might be:

There are several biased things here to note.

1. The headline claims that Israeli soldiers "shot" a teenager, which they did, after he held a fake gun to a soldier's head at a checkpoint. Why would such context be left out of the headline? Did the Huffington Post intend to depict the death of this teenager as completely the fault of the mean Israeli soldiers? Undoubtedly! In fact, the mention of a fake gun comes in the FIFTH paragraph, after paragraphs about life in Hebron and the significance of the Tomb of the Patriarchs.
2. The picture choice. As always, when Palestinians are hurt and killed, their grieving families or their funeral is shown, as in this picture above. When Israelis are hurt and killed, generic meaningless pictures are used, such as the police tape for the Bulgaria bus bombing, soldiers standing around when a soldier was killed, a burning car and an Israeli flag for the attack on Israeli diplomats, newspapers for Ilan Grapel's kidnapping, a damaged school bus for the death of Daniel Viflic,  and the classic example of a soldier standing on a street corner when the entire Fogel family was slaughtered in their home.
3. The naming of the victim in the headline. The Huffington Post publishes the dead teenager's full name, Mohammed Suleima, something they did not do for Daniel Viflic, the Fogel family, or Christine Logan. Can anyone explain why Suleima's name deserved to be the headline, but not those other people? But lest you think the Huffington Post only publishes the full names of Palestinians, don't worry, they also used the full name of Vittorio Arrigoni, Palestinian terror supporter, when he was kidnapped and killed by Islamic Jihad.

In other places that this AP article was covered, such as NPR and Yahoo News, the headline simply read "Israeli Soldiers Clash with Palestinian Protesters". No mention of a shot teenager in the headline, no funeral picture.

The Huffington Post, doing its part to rewrite the facts to make the Palestinians look as good as possible. Incredible bias, which should have no place in a mainstream newspaper.


  1. Fantastic catch, guys, and beautifully covered. Oh, how I would love to see some enterprising reporter confront Arianna over this incredible bias and incitement. Please forward this on to all the media. I will do my part.

  2. I agree with HuffWatcher1. I just saw a tweet claiming that the boy was deaf. What that has to do with what he did is - absolutely nothing that relates to Israel. Apart from their other iniquities Israel's enemies have a history of abusing the disabled.

  3. Huffington Post Monitor, along with HuffWatch are blogs that should be forwarded to all the media EVERY SINGLE DAY, until they finally take notice and go public with the bias, hatred,
    and incitement toward Jews everywhere.


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